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Every sport and activity has rules, boundaries and consequences for going out of bounds. In life, the boundaries are not always clearly marked and defined, especially for young adults. Lack of maturity… poor judgment… bad role models… negative peer pressure… are just a few of the risk factors for drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse that lead students out of bounds.

Most students have seen first-hand the negative effects that drugs, alcohol and tobacco have on behavior, learning and development. Substance abuse stifles academic performance, stunts emotional and physical growth and prohibits extracurricular activity participation. This self-destructive behavior can also destroy families, undermine teammates and alienate friends.

The ASAA tobacco, alcohol, and drug policy is designed to ensure that activity participants stay drug and alcohol free during their high school participation. ASAA and its member schools in cooperation with parents, coaches, advisors and students provide a unique opportunity to observe, confront and support one another to maximize the benefits of this program.

"Play for Keeps" Orientation Video
View the ASAA "Play for Keeps" orientation video online. (Link below)

View the ASAA "Play for Keeps" Orientation Video

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